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Testimonals: FAQ

Dr. Kim began treating my six-month-old daughter, following a diagnosis of torticollis. In addition to that diagnosis, my daughter's PT had been delayed due to Covid, and I was having concerns regarding her hitting of physical milestones, range of motion, etc. Dr. Kim was brilliant- she truly cared about my daughter's development, even checking in on her every couple days and giving me tips of how to best work with her outside of formal treatment. She gave me pointers about what to discuss with my daughter's pediatrician and what to ask her physical therapist. While it's normal for all babies to progress at different paces, having Dr. Kim's expertise, guidance, and treatment along the way made a big difference in knowing what I should be watching for and also brought me some much-appreciated peace of mind. In addition, she never hesitates to help coach me through my own postpartum aches & pains as I work to recover from back-to-back pregnancies. Her chiropractic expertise coupled with her fitness knowledge make her such a well-rounded and valuable health expert. Highly recommend!


-K.B Manhattan Beach

I've suffered from lower back pain for most of my adult life, and I finally decided to do something about it. I was referred to Dr. Kimberley by a friend. When I showed up for my appointment, I was immediately put at ease by Dr. Kimberley's professional and positive demeanor. She went through a quick evaluation, diagnosed my issue, and gave me a stretching and strength routine to fix my pain.

Here I am, just a few weeks later, and my back pain has completely gone away! The routine she prescribed wasn't difficult, but I never could've figured it out myself. It really helps to have someone who knows what they're doing. I should've done this years ago!

-A.K Hermosa Beach

I sought out Dr. Kimberley after working closely with her during my time at Ohio State University while playing Division 1 athletics. Dr. Kim treats and assesses the body with a holistic perspective, not treating the one specific area that has been injured. After many years of getting looked at by trainers, PTs, docs, etc she finally identified the root cause of how my injuries came about. This was critical for me as I have had a number of hip and knee surgeries as well as ankle and back problems during my time in professional sports. Dr. Kim calls herself a chiro but I have never seen a chiro with the physical therapy and rehab knowledge she has. I would refer Dr. Kim to anyone.

-B.S Marina del Rey

Other than constantly beating up my body being a firefighter, I also do  semi-extreme sports (Speedflying, snowboarding, and functional weightlifting) so I'm pretty much in a constant state of  "something hurts". 

I went to Dr Kim complaining about many different  nagging pains, some of which had been bothering me for over a year, and some of which happened the week before jumping off a mountain... She addressed all of them and came up with a plan on how to fix it. 

Dr Kim knows the importance of figuring out WHY something hurts so she can better treat it. She employed many different techniques to do so (not just cracking things, which I thought was all chiropractors do...) It is very obvious that she actually cares about her patients and wants them to get better. She goes out of her way  to make sure I understand how to work on things at home and also answer all my questions. 

But, perhaps best of all, (I can't fix my body if I don't go to her) she was very accommodating to my crazy schedule and fit me in when it was convenient for me. 

At this time I am actually pain free for literally the first time in over a year. 
Thanks Doc!

-G.M Long Beach

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